On my wiki, I always have little banners and logos and buttons and menus...


  • Is where you can get menus for your wiki, as well as text, banners, buttons and clocks.
  • Is 100% free, except if you become a member. For that you have to pay, so don't become a member.
  • Follow the steps on the site, and then copy and paste the code shown on FlashVortex.com into the 'Other HTML' button under 'widgets' when editing a post.


  • Is where you can create a person and type in a language, allowing it to speak for you in a video, or record a message yourself.
  • Is also 100% free, but the same thing as FlashVortex.com, you have to pay if you become a member, so don't.
  • Also like FlashVortex.com, follow the steps to create a voki, then press 'Publish'. Name your creation, then copy and paste the code shown into 'Other HTML' under 'widgets'.

Get a Voki now!


Here's another site I found...

  • Makes words and banners with glitter
  • Cartoon Characters
  • 100% free

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